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Our 10 years of experience have consolidated Intelli Next as a reliable company in biometric identity projects. Our presence has reached 3 countries; Colombia, Venezuela and The United States of America. Our name generates trust in more than 1.000 satisfied clients up to date, we pride ourselves in reaching most markets in government, industrial, commercial, residential, health, mining, educational, construction, hospitability and entrepreneurial markets.
Our research and development team is focused in the improvement of our actual solutions and the innovation of new ones. With our experience in the market and consolidated management abled personnel, we can answer swiftly to your needs no matter how complex they may be. Personalized technical support to enterprises and our answer to your objectives, have taken our services to very high levels and standards of satisfaction in all entrepreneurial management areas.
The heart of the company is comprised of a team of product development experts, engineers and technical support teams working in conjunction with the operations area for a satisfactory implementation of all projects. We are committed in bringing our clients a unique experience to generate trust and a competitive advantage in the market.
Bringing integrated solutions for the control of physical and human resources, which generate in our clients support with the best technology to optimize and improve the efficiency in their processes.
To be a renowned integrated service company recognized by its architectural technology specialized in the automatization, management and control of diverse solutions that change everyday life and the work environment; contributing therefore in the global technological advance thanks to our permanent innovation.

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