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people and vehicles access control.

Manage your company or organization physical access in
an intelligent and modern wayusing biometric technology.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Control









Module Features

The solution that provides greater physical access security to your company or organization through biometric technology.

Real Time Monitoring

Provides a monitoring panel where you will have the opportunity to see records of people and vehicles quickly and easily.

Biometric Information Registry

Allows to register a person´s biometric information such as: signature, face, fingerprint, veins, iris, proximity card, palm, voice, among others.

Access History

Counts with an option of Who entered?Where the list and graphics of people inside the organizationare shown and those who already exit.

Vehicle Registration and Access

Offersauthentication and access of authorized vehicles through tag reading, high frequency cards or license plate recognition.

Register data of a Person or Vehicle

Taking all basic data of people or vehicles to insert them into the system according to the roles assigned and then capture the biometric data.

Monitoring and Control of People

It has blueprint monitoring, which allows you to upload the chart of your organization to assign devices to them and control the movement of people through them.

MIA has a platform that simplifies event control, from which you can manage all notifications, schedule events and apply actions related to access control and other devices:

These notifications will be received by different means such as:

Directly into the system.

Via Email.

Via SMS.

These and many other event and action configurations can be created from MyIntelli Events.

Registration Process

Carries out the process of entry and registration of people alongwith their vehicles, quickly and Safely.

1. Basic data of the people or vehicles is uploadedto the system.

2. In case of vehicles, license plate and its relevant data are captured, such as: brand, type, model and color.

3. It is assigned where and for how long people or vehicles can have access to the organization.

4. Biometric data is captured through equipment such as fingerprint readers and face recognition devices among others.

5. Registered information is sent to the corresponding device to allow access.

6. Access to the organization is allowed and subsequently monitoring is carried out through our MyIntelli software.

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