Detect, alert and verify any type
of risk within your property.

We design your CCTV system
according to your security needs.


PTZ Speed



Series NVR



Module Features

We have solutions for any type of property, some of our products are 100% wireless, others need installation.


Solution that provides protection to its clients by means of locking devices with state-of-the-art technology for all types of buildings and security levels.

Smart Alarms

Having an alarm system is like giving a voice to your home, business and / or any other property; It is the opportunity to know in real time if there is an abnormal situation in your spaces.

Closed Circuit T.V.

Closed circuit television is a video surveillance technology designed to monitor a variety of environments and activities from anywhere in the world.

Video and Recording

Remotely view security cameras via mobile devices from anywhere you are.

Business Security

You can find a wide variety of security, surveillance and control devices for your business facilities, always counting on the support and confidence that our company can provide.

Trained Staff

Our staff is in constant training to be able to provide a timely solution, but above all definitive and reliable, so that in this way, you can optimize resources and minimize operating costs.

MIC has a platform that simplifies event control, where you can manage all notifications, schedule events and apply actions related to time and attendance control. MIC allows you to:

These notifications will be received by different means such as:

Directly into the system.

Vía E-mail.

Vía SMS.

These and many other event and action configurations can be created from MyIntelli Events.

Control Process

1. The control process begins with equipment for closed circuit television (CCTV): dome cameras, PTZ cameras, DVR, NVR and security accessories.

2. Your information is captured and integrated with our software to manage the real-time monitoring of your installed cameras.

3. The information of the recordings is safeguarded in Cloud servers, in this way you will avoid loss of information due to theft or damage to the devices.

4. Once this process is completed, the user will be able to monitor in real time or by recording all the content of the cameras in the place where they are.

5. We have the best existing brands in the market, very high quality equipment that has great robustness and reliability.

Integration with the Software

Intrusión: We install perimeter security with physical systems or electronic equipment for outdoor use.

We install Access Control:Elements that control the entry and exit of people to the different areas of the company, residential complexes and shops, with safe, reliable and effective 24/7 technological systems.

We install continuous surveillance systems: Strict surveillance of the places through cameras, alarm equipment, fingerprint or face readers and equipment that react to the intrusion.


Our Clients

It’s not just a system, it’s total control in your hands…

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