The most powerful software for visit control in real time.

Manage your guests in different areas of your company or
organization checking it on your cell phone, tablet or computer.

Visit for Control

Signature Pad
Bar Readers

Module Features

The solution that modernizes your guests reception and keeps your space safe.

Manage Scheduled Visits

Management of scheduled or unexpected visits through the mobile app or through our web platform.

Biometric Information Registry

It offers Management and digital registration with photo capture and guest´s biometric information.

Self Registration Stations

It offers Management and digital registration with photo capture and biometric information of the visitor.

Visitors Control and Monitoring

It provides wide monitoring and visitors control inside the organization, showing in which physical area is located through our blueprint system.

Diverse Software Integration

Third-party software integration with a wide range of devices, such as biometrics, turnstiles, barriers, among others.

Work Station Placement

It allows user to add and place workstations or computers, from which to make the visitor registration process.

MIG has a platform that simplifies event control, from which you can manage all notifications, schedule events and apply actions related to visitors control and devices, it also:

These notifications will be received by different means such as:

Directly into the system.

Via E-mail.

Via SMS.

Registration Process

Carry out the people’s entry and registration with their vehicles, quickly and safely.

1. Visitor´s registration begins when a scheduling a visit or at the moment they arrive to the organization.

2. Basic visitor´s data is uploaded manually or using a bar code reader which scan the visitor´s ID and uploads data into the system.

3. A biometric USB scanner is used to add fingerprints and a visitor´s picture is taken with a camera connected to the computer.

4. If the visit has been scheduled, the guests will have the option to use the self-registration kiosks to validate their visit.

5. Photographic and biometric data capture will be carried out.

6. Authorization is sent to the access devices where it will be confirmed through fingerprint, card, facial, eye, veins or palm recognition which will grant access to the organization.

Our Clients

It’s not just a system, it’s total control in your hands…

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