Intelli Time

Intelli Time, allows the control of time, attendance and productivity, has the most powerful interface in data processing with intuitive and intelligent functions that will provide the best user experience.

Module Features

It has the most powerful interface in data processing with intuitive and intelligent functions that will deliver the best user experience. The software generates reports to analyze all the gathered information through devices connected to the platform.

Shift Management

You can configure different shifts manually or utomatically in a friendly way corresponding to the respective working days.

Clocking Management

The Employee will be able to manage his/her entry clocking easily through biometric devices or the mobile app.

Time Calculation

The system manages calculation and control of worked hours, overtime, daytime and nighttime hours, absences, delays, permits, and more.

Massive Approval

It allows the massive approval of incidents with different levels of acceptance for companies that work with hierarchical methodology.

Wide Compatibility

It is compatible with most of the existing payroll systems on the market.

Report Generator

It has a large number of reports where the manager could verify all the employees’ incidents

Real Time Verification

You will have real time access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to verify all personnel events in the biometric equipment through proximity cards, pin or facial recognition.

Creating Work Orders

Generate work orders which may be linked to a group of workers ́ shifts during a period of time.

Event Notification

Directly into the system, on your mobile, via SMS or e-mail.

Marking Methods

The solution allows you to keep track of the times of the different work modalities that the organization manages, allowing you to manage the different areas in a single tool. The main (principal) characteristics of these modalities are:


Face-to-face Work

Intelli Time has communication with a wide variety of biometric devices (fingerprint, face, iris) so that your employees can make their attendance marking from your company or office.

Multiple biometric validation methods

Agility when performing recognition

Information in real time through the internet

State-of-the-art equipment

Remote Work

Intelli Time has a system for employees who are working remotely, the system allows you to understand how your teams work, their level of productivity and how they manage their time between different tasks.


Application monitoring

Permit request

Shift display

Facial recognition marking

Computer activity detection

Productivity measurement

Staff administration

Field Work

Your employees will be able to dial in easily with our Mobile App through their smartphone, they will also have direct visualization of their working times, shifts and work permits.

Facial recognition marking



Employee Road Map

Management and Event Control

Intelli Time, has a platform that simplifies event control, where you can manage all notifications, schedule events and apply actions related to time and attendance control. This module allows you:

These notifications will be received by different means such as:

Directly into the system


Via Email

These and many other event and action configurations can be created from MyIntelli Events.

Integration with Payroll

MyIntelli systems have direct integration with payroll platforms, to make your employees payment automatically!

Our Clients

It’s not just a system, it’s having total control in the palm of your hands

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MyControl... MyIntelli

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