It is a software for attendance and access control that automates the registration process of people and vehicles that enter your company or organization by identifying biometric data. MyIntelli enables interoperability between modules and third-party software

MyIntelli Benefits

Intuitive Interface

It possesses a very powerful interface in the processing of data with intuitive intelligent functions that allow you to improve user experience.

Interaction with Security Teams

It offers the interaction of all electronic security devices from a sole platform.

Access of People and Vehicles

It easily manages control and access of people and vehicles that enter your company or organization.

Monitoring and Control

Wide control and monitoring of the employees and visitors that find themselves within the organization through simple steps.

Visualization of Markings

It graphically visualizes each mark or event that occurs in real time on the devices associated to the physical space with blueprint monitoring.

Shift Planning

Adequate complex shift and work management planning in the work environment.

Management of Incidents

Massive approval of incidences with the implementation of different levels according to the hierarchical methodology with which your company is managed.

Process Automation

Third party software integration for the automatization of processes and interoperability functions.

Variety of Devices

Ample range of devices interconnected to the platform such as: cameras, alarms, biometrics, plate readers etc.

Event Management and Control

It possesses an effective module for the management and control of events and also a great variety of configurable actions.


It offers a great tool for the analysis of information through reports which can be generated in different formats.

Multiple Languages

It has multiple languages that can be added by previous request which facilitate its handling.


It has the following Modules

Intelli Time

Intelli Time, allows the control of time, attendance and productivity, has the most powerful interface in data processing with intuitive and intelligent functions that will provide the best user experience.

Intelli Access

Intelli Access offers a powerful and reliable solution to manage access control to your facilities. The software has a scalable and modern infrastructure for the supervision of events. Intelli Access has sub-modules that will allow you to perform extensive monitoring and control.

Intelli Guest

Intelli Coworking

Management and Event Control

We have a platform that simplifies the control of events, from which you will be able to manage all your notifications and alerts, program events and apply related actions between the different modules that constitute the software.

It offers managing report analysis of collected information through different devices connected to the platform, generating each report in the following formats:





These notifications will be received by different means such as:

Directly into the system


Via Email

It’s not just a system, it’s having total control in the palm of your hands

MyControl... MyIntelli

MyControl... MyIntelli

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