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Module Features

It has the most powerful interface for data processing with intuitive and intelligent functions that will provide the best user experience.

Shift Management

You can configure different shifts manually or automatically in a friendly way corresponding to the respective working days.

Massive Approval

It allows the massive approval of incidents with different levels of acceptance for companies that work with hierarchical methodology.

Create Work Orders

Generate work orders that allow you to link shifts with a group of workers in a period of time.

Time Calculation

The system manages the control and calculation of worked hours, overtime, daytime and nighttime hours, absences, delays, permits, among others.

Reports Generator

It has a large number of reports where the manager could verify all the employees incidents.

Event Notification

Directly into the system, on your mobile phone, via SMS or e-mail.

MIT has a platform that simplifies event control, where you can manage all notifications, schedule events and apply actions related to time and attendance control. MIT allows you to: MIT allows you to:

These notifications will be received by different means such as:

Directly into the system

Via E-mail.


These and many other event and action configurations can be created from MyIntelli Events.

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Registration Process

1. The control process begins with the software administrators uploading the basic data of the employees to enter them into the system.

2. Your biometric information is captured through equipment such as: fingerprint readers and face recognition detectors

3. A base configuration is assigned with all the corresponding data. After saving the information is sent to the time and attendance device where your identity will be confirmed through different authentication methods.

4. Once this process is completed, the employee will be allowed to check in and out to the organization and it can be monitored in real time through MyIntelli.

5. With MyIntelli all your information is cloud hosted, which allows you to monitor your staff's punches in real time.

Integration with Payroll

Myintelli systems have direct integration with payroll platforms, to make your employees´ payment automatically!


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