Es un software que automatiza el proceso de registro de personas y vehículos que ingresan a su empresa u organización mediante la identificación de datos biométricos, permitiendo la interoperabilidad entre módulos y software de terceros.

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    It is a software that automates the registration process of people and vehicles that enter your company or organization by identifying biometric data, allowing interoperability between modules and third-party software.


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    Models MyIntelli

    Intelli Time

    MIT, is a Time and Attendance Control system for the employees who work in your company, it is hosted in the cloud which allows you to monitor the real-time markings of your staff, configure schedules and rotating shifts, permits, absences, multiple locations, departments, contractors and user profiles manually or automatically.

    Intelli Access

    MIA offers you a reliable and robust solution for the management of access control to your facilities, the software has a scalable and modern infrastructure for the supervision of information and monitoring of events. This is characterized by being a flexible and easy-to-use module, which allows it to be adapted to the different needs of the client.

    Intelli Guest

    MIG is a powerful tool developed under a web platform, which will allow you to manage and control the reception of visitors to different areas of your company or organization, giving you the possibility of constant and real-time monitoring, from anywhere in the world by entering from your cell phone, tablet or computer.